Should Guys Come with Batteries?

Police arrested two kids yesterday, one was drinking battery acid, the other was eating fireworks. They charged one and let the other one off.
Tommy Cooper  Comedian

            I have a Fargo, North Dakota galfriend who says, “Aye, You Betcha.” We chatted this morning and I asked her “How’s tricks”? I think the expression “How’s Tricks” is about prostitution and not about a breakfast cereal. Her tricks had to do with neither.


             Fargo explained that she met a Boy Toy who was a lot of laughs and interesting. This was hard for me to fathom since she met him at a bar at the Express Lanes Bowling Alley. I thought these bars only catered to guys who couldn’t find their balls. Also, he had on a regular pair of jeans that actually stayed up at his hips without the aid of a belt. What she was trying to say was that he found out “where’s the beef” and didn’t have to ask Clara Peller.


            Boy Toy decided my friend was also funny, interesting and may come with another lane available that is used after dark. Fargo thought, what the hey and maybe this adventure will lead to a romp in another kind of hay.


             No such luck. After a lot of this, that, these and those, Boy Toy feel asleep. Obviously, he had no idea where the lane was since he left his balls at the Express Lanes. He was not equipped with regard to expressing himself and fell asleep.


 The next morning, bright and early and before the crack of dawn, Boy Toy nudged Fargo and was interested in knowing if her alley was still available. Fargo said, “Yes, all lanes are available in the morning and only one is necessary.”


 Once again, Boy Toy had no luck since his aim came with a left hook. Fargo said she did not have a manual detailing and explaining left hooks and instead asked him if he came with batteries.

  Boy Toy was miffed and had no idea what batteries had to do with a left hook. Fargo told him that batteries are always used to straighten out a left hook and that all toys sometimes need to be recharged.


This Boy Toy did not come equipped with batteries so Fargo told him to find another more satisfying sport. All sports equipment should come with batteries or at least an electrical cord that plugs into an outlet. With one charged the other one can get off.

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